We will show the guidance regarding to license registration / transfer in PDF file.

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What is the license?

In order to use permanently your SILKYPIX product, you need to register the license for each product.
* We do not reissue the license by the loss of the product key. Please pay attention to the management of the product key.
* Starting on December 6, 2016, you can manage your product licensesat the "My Account" of our web site "ISL Online Store." Please refer to the "2) Serial List (Page 6)" of "Information on My Account (PDF)" by "ISL Online Store" for more details.

What is the license?

In SILKYPIX series product, the 30 day trial period which you can try out all the functions using the product version has been set.

To start the trial, please download the product program and click the “Begin trial” button in the product key input screen that appears at the first time start. In addition, if you purchase a license and enter the product key, you can use all the features without time limit.

Incidentally, when the trial period is over the product key input screen will be displayed again, and you cannot start nor use the product. If you want to use the product immediately after the trial, please perform purchasing process within the trial period.